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Ramadan Times Birmingham Central Mosque Ramadan Time Table 2022


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Muslims around the world are waiting for the holy of month of Ramadan that is a duration of deep religious reflection and fasting that they perform in this month. The month begins with the sighting of the crescent moon, that’s commonly one night time after a state-of-the-art moon.

For the year days 2022, the Ramadan calendar and the whole timetable have been finalized. Here is the Ramadan Timing Birmingham UK according to the birmingham central mosque ramadan time table 2022. The sehri and iftar timings are to be strictly observed all through the month and that is why the Ramadan time table for every town is barely splendid.

Dua For Sahri

I Intend to keep the fast for month of Ramadan

وَبِصَوْمِ غَدٍ نَّوَيْتُ مِنْ شَهْرِ رَمَضَانَ

’’اورمیں نے ماہ رمضان کے کل کے روزے کی نیت کی.‘‘

Dua For Iftari

O Allah! I fasted for You and I believe in You and I put my trust in You and I break my fast with Your sustenance.

اَللَّهُمَّ اِنِّی لَکَ صُمْتُ وَبِکَ اٰمَنْتُ وَعَلَيْکَ تَوَکَلَّتُ وَعَلَی رِزْقِکَ اَفْطَرْتُ

روزہ کھولنے کی دعااے اﷲ! بے شک میں نے تیرے لیے روزہ رکھا اور تجھ پر ایمان لایا اور تجھ پر ہی بھروسہ کیا اور تیرے ہی عطا کیے ہوئے رزق سے میں نے افطار کی۔

ramadan fasting times birmingham

1 04:37 AM 7:45 PM 02 Apr 2022
2 04:34 AM 7:46 PM 03 Apr 2022
3 04:31 AM 7:48 PM 04 Apr 2022
4 04:28 AM 7:50 PM 05 Apr 2022
5 04:25 AM 7:52 PM 06 Apr 2022
6 04:22 AM 7:53 PM 07 Apr 2022
7 04:19 AM 7:55 PM 08 Apr 2022
8 04:16 AM 7:57 PM 09 Apr 2022
9 04:12 AM 7:59 PM 10 Apr 2022
10 04:09 AM 8:00 PM 11 Apr 2022
11 04:06 AM 8:02 PM 12 Apr 2022
12 04:03 AM 8:04 PM 13 Apr 2022
13 04:00 AM 8:06 PM 14 Apr 2022
14 03:56 AM 8:07 PM 15 Apr 2022
15 03:53 AM 8:09 PM 16 Apr 2022
16 03:50 AM 8:11 PM 17 Apr 2022
17 03:46 AM 8:13 PM 18 Apr 2022
18 03:43 AM 8:14 PM 19 Apr 2022
19 03:40 AM 8:16 PM 20 Apr 2022
20 03:36 AM 8:18 PM 21 Apr 2022
21 03:33 AM 8:19 PM 22 Apr 2022
22 03:29 AM 8:21 PM 23 Apr 2022
23 03:26 AM 8:23 PM 24 Apr 2022
24 03:22 AM 8:25 PM 25 Apr 2022
25 03:18 AM 8:26 PM 26 Apr 2022
26 03:15 AM 8:28 PM 27 Apr 2022
27 03:11 AM 8:30 PM 28 Apr 2022
28 03:07 AM 8:32 PM 29 Apr 2022
29 03:03 AM 8:33 PM 30 Apr 2022
30 02:59 AM 8:35 PM 01 May 2022

Other Cities: Lahore || Islamabad || Karachi || London || Bradford || Dearborn || Sydney || Toronto


Ramadan Timings Birmingham

Any confusion concerning the Ramadan 2022 timetable may be averted with the useful resource of looking at those tables and that is why this article will display to be your pass-to place for checking the Ramadan timetable. The Ramadan calendar 2022 for London is listed below. Along with that, you could additionally discover sehri and iftar timings for each day in accordance along with your respective cities.

The Muslim population dwelling in Birmingham can continue to be up to date with the Ramadan Calendar 2022 and may observe the extensive kind of fasting hours. Besides Sehri or Suhoor and Iftar time in Birmingham these days, you can also view prayer timings, Qibla path, and different data approximately Birmingham on different pages.

The blessed month Ramadan has arrived and it brings with it a completely unique pleasure among human beings of all walks of life. From taraveeh, sehri to iftar, each second of the Ramadan days holds importance for Muslims. Ramadan starts off evolved after Shaban. The Islamic Hijri calendar is a lunar calendar and this is why every year there’s a little uncertainty approximately the dates.

However, there are specific forecasting strategies which could expect the begin and stop of the holy month. The Ramadan calendar 2022 has been predicted but, there may be continually room for slight adjustments. If there are any adjustments, we’ll replace the Ramadan calendar 2022 to avoid any inconvenience to our readers.

The Birmingham Ramadan Calendar 2022 will commonly display Birmingham Iftar timings and ramadan sehri time birmingham in the complete month of Ramadan whilst Birmingham sunset and dawn preserve on converting because of the movement of Earth during the year. Before the start of Ramadan Kareem, every person is usually in a rush to recognize the fasting time all through this holy month.

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